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29-Jan-2020 01:30

In order to truly decide which man is best for you, you’ll want to find out everything you can about them: their hobbies, likes/dislikes, and even all their favorites. In order to choose who is best for you, you’ll have to figure out which person has a future that best fits yours. You know yours, and you’ll want to make sure they don’t have any.

[Check out: How to get to know a guy you want to date] #2 Discuss their future plans. How can you be with one guy if he plans on traveling the world and you’re deathly afraid of planes? Not only should you make sure they’re free of all of your deal breakers—you should also find out theirs, and make sure not guilty of any of them. Sometimes, it’s hard to see something they do as a red flag, but you really have to pay attention.

Even though you may feel lucky in this situation, you are now responsible for one of these guys’ happiness… I think we may have something to learn from Reese Witherspoon’s role in the movie .

Some of her tactics to decide which man is better may seem outlandish, but others have found their way onto our list of ways to make choosing between two guys easier. How can you properly decide between two guys to date if you don’t actually know them very well?

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But on the other hand, you’re so happy with both of them that you don’t want to lose either! How to make up your mind] Finding one person you want to date and be with is rare, let alone two![Check it out: 16 easy ways to respect yourself in a relationship] #14 Don’t ask for anyone’s help.