Updating madden 09 ps3

04-May-2020 18:22

You’ll even see a mess of footprints created on each play as the players move around. Your players will get noticeably dirtier over the course of a game, with grass and dirt stains soiling their jerseys.However, EA Tiburon didn’t quite go the extra mile here.The turf has been retextured, and it looks fantastic.Along with the field, vast improvements have been made to weather.Combining “canned,” motion-captured animations with some procedurally generated movements, the engine produces the most fluid, lifelike football movements this side of ESPN.Gang tackles look painful, and they finally work as they should.

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Last year, I picked up the PS3 version of Madden 08, and it was visually inferior to its 360 counterpart in a number of ways.

The Wii version relies on motion-sensing, which works well, too, as you can pretend to throw the football by swinging the Wii Remote.