Updating php in plesk

14-Aug-2020 22:17

You can update any system packages present on the server either manually or automatically without having to open the console.

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As more and more Plesk features are being delivered as extensions to ensure that business-critical functionality reaches everyone in a timely manner, the Plesk Extension Catalog was improved to provide you with a smooth and enjoyable experience.

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Visit Stack Exchange I need to upgrade my server PHP version becasue of Wordpress New version not support PHP 5.2.

3) Click on Update Components 4) Select the components that you would like to update and click Continue to apply the updates to the chosen components.

2) Click on Update and Upgrade Settings in the menu below Plesk.

Note: This updates the PHP version for that domain.

Jedd, over at Jeddi.org, wrote a really helpful post back in 2015 about his experiences updating the ageing version of Debian that the VM is based on.… continue reading »

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