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Not - high voltage or anything - just a little shock. Thanks Again Tobin com cowski Thanks for your response.Apparently a "lost focus" event is not available in SW API for a Text Box.if u want to use javascript write a function on onkey Down event of a textbox function checkvalid() logic here is that on keydown u ll first check whether textbox already has anything if no direct allow if yes check the length if its 1 then check the value in textbox if its 1 or 2 allow to enter but if its 3 then check the to be typed integer if its 0 then allow else dont allow return false will not allow anything to be typed Hi, 1. Within function , take the value of that textbox using Element By Id and ckeck that value after keypress is less than equal to 30 or not? You can also make use of Filtered Text Box Extender. On key Press event, just call a function and pass event as parameter. Can you tell me how I can compare the value of 2 textboxes in c#? Textbox1 = 3, Textbox2 = 4 I want to throw an error message to say something to the effect that the value entered in Textbox2 has to be smaller than textbox1. -handleman, CSWP (The new, easy test) Dim Last Key Ascii As Variant Dim Last Text Box1 As String Private Sub Text Box1_Got Focus()Last Key Ascii = 0End Sub Private Sub Text Box1_Key Press(By Val Key Ascii As MSForms.Return Integer)If Key Ascii = 46 And (Last Key Ascii = Key Ascii) Then Beep Text Box1.Return Integer)Dim ch As String' Allow only numbers and "." to be entered in the boxch = Chr$(Key Ascii)If Not (ch A quick warning: putting code in the Key Press event is not sufficient to prevent the user from inputting non-numerical data. -handleman, CSWP (The new, easy test) handleman, Well - that's good to know.

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I'm however stuck on task 3, where I have to validate the user input to make my code accept positive numbers only, otherwise it should return a string to the user. Data validation is a key aspect for developing web application. Only Character Limited to alphabetic character input only with an exception i. If there is a decimal point, it requires 2 numeric characters after the decimal point. NET MVC uses Data Annotations attributes to implement validations. NET MVC Require positive number as input, save as negative in model - validation fails The problem is, the MVC validation works with the object's properties How to make textbox Positive numeric only in mvc. Web Browsers set character input restrictions and validation parameters for this input type.Text box to accept only positive and negative numbers with 2 decimals Sep 22, 2008 AM | cplusplus1 | LINK I am looking for a javascript function to validate a text box entry, it should only allow positive or negative numbers with two decimals. A string may contain only numeric characters and still not be valid for Always use the Try Parse or Parse methods to validate user input from NET MVC application to perform validations at the model level. So let us try to summarize the validation rules required for this table. , [Regular Expression(@"^[0-9]*$")] ), this should not allow anything else to be entered in that field other than numeric digits.Other ways to trigger validation:handleman, Francis L and The Tick, Thanks for your efforts in answering my question.handleman - Thanks for the above code. I'd have never come up with it myself or even thought to search for it that way.

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Thanks Again Private Sub Text Box1_Key Press(By Val Key Ascii As MSForms.

Text = Last Text Box1End If Last Key Ascii = Key Ascii Last Text Box1 = Text Box1.