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We all laughed and we then started our very first table read. At the end of the table read, they surprised me with a big birthday cake, flowers and balloons. So, because we don't have one, I'm going to tell you what I think happens to every cast member.

"Tori- Tori gets signed to a record deal and becomes a popstar. "Andre- He also gets signed to a record deal and not only is super successful as a recording artist, but also as a writer/producer. "Trina- Trina is looking to marry a prince (because that's what she feels she deserves) so she auditions and gets accepted to the new season of the bachelor, where England's Prince Harry is the new bachelor (poor Harry).

It’s been five years since the last new episode of Nickelodeon’s “Victorious” aired, thanks to a cancelation by the network.

This left the Dan Schneider-created series to end without an official series finale.

He gives Mark Zuckerberg (Face Book owner) a run for his money. The gang always stays in touch every year after year at Hollwood Arts reunions.

"So many of you have tweeted me and messaged me about how the show has really touched you and given you inspiration to follow your own dreams.

I know that some of you are upset and angry – and while I feel terrible about that, I’m also flattered by it. It means you love the show, which makes me feel very proud. And I hope you’ll continue to support Victoria Justice, and me, and all the stars of Victorious. I will keep making the best, funniest TV shows I know how to make, for as long as people have fun watching them.

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"It all started when I was twelve years old and auditioned for a role on a show called would lead me to almost eight years on 'Nickelodeon' (all my teenage years).

"Robbie- He finally says goodbye to Rex after he finds love with Cat.