Widmer validating machines

14-Oct-2020 09:58

Specifically, when only population structure is present, a GSM constructed from SNPs that well predict the phenotype in combination with principal components as covariates controls type I error and yields more power than the traditional LMM.

In any setting, with or without population structure or family relatedness, a GSM consisting of a mixture of two component GSMs, one constructed from all SNPs and another constructed from SNPs that well predict the phenotype again controls type I error and yields more power than the traditional LMM.

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In empirical studies across a wide range of synthetic and real data, we find that modifications to this approach improve GWAS performance as measured by type I error control and power.Software implementing these improvements and the experimental comparisons are available at There has been a great deal of interest in statistical methods for genome-wide association studies (GWAS).They are compact and ruggedly built to last, offering a wide variety of desirable features and providing marking solutions for corporate and individual needs.

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